Robb Wexler


Favorite Album: “Dark Side of the Moon “ - Pink Floyd


There’s someone in my head but it’s not me” is a line from the album that also adorns one of Robb’s many hoodies. Robb often hears different voices in his head…mostly creatives ones along with ones that say “Will one more candy bar hurt?”

In 1988, after years in radio and then the monitoring industry, that same voice said “You need to start a monitoring firm that does what all the other monitoring firms do not do.”  Though that phrase is not on any hoodie, it is the same thought that has motivated him day in and day out for over 30 years. 

It also drove him to commission the proprietary creation of a ground-breaking audio listening system (TruText™) that eliminate the gibberish manuscripts that result from the “speech to text” audio system used by everyone else in the industry.

His inner voice often has conversations with the voice from the movie, “Field of Dreams” at company meetings. It’s actually quite entertaining, or at least that’s what some of the cast from the movie, “A Beautiful Mind” have told him.

Robb is also co-founder of “The Wexler Group”, a political media research company that has frustrated people on both sides of the political aisle for 20 years. Robb considers this a skill set.