We are not like other media monitoring services. How so, you ask?

For one thing, we are dedicated to behaving like an extension of your own team, without all of the HR folderol. Seriously, how many companies even think to use the word “folderol”? We also are the only monitoring service that will customize coverage to assure you don’t miss a single mention.  If you don’t have constant monitoring needs, why pay for a subscription and tax your team with the hours required to input searches and weed through unrelated content?

How do we work?

A simple call or email to let us know what you want to track and where/when you expect mentions to occur (regional content vs national, syndicates, etc.), and we will launch into action. And we have top-notch launchers.

What about the reports?

We’ll email you  (and whoever else you’d like) a report every morning (or whatever time you ask) that lists every mention that occurred in the previous 24 hours. You’ll see station, market, and time. Depending on the report type, you you’ll see a summary of the mention:

For a radio report, you have the option of seeing a summary of the mention in 2 different formats:

An audio play button that let’s you listen to :15 around your keyword(s)

A text summary that isn’t gibberish.  Let that soak in. If you’ve ever received a media monitoring report with text, you know you’ve spent way too much time trying to figure out what they were saying around your keyword.

How many of the hits are likely to be unrelated to my efforts?

That’s easy….NONE! You won’t need to weed through the reports, since we have a proprietary listening system and human quality control that assures it’s what we call a “righteous hit.”

How much does it cost?

For project work, we typically charge by the week. Our prices are affordable, but we would like the opportunity to better understand your needs and give you the best possible pricing.  Please fill out this form with details and we will contact you quickly.

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