Mindy Williams

Director New Business Development

Favorite Album: “Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-5-6, 2005“ - Cream


Mindy believes that enough gets better with time to make aging a worthwhile endeavor. When Cream reunited for their brief 2005 concert tour, her ex-husband traveled to NYC with his best friend to see the show; Mindy stayed at home with their daughter. But when she heard the CD of the concert, she was overwhelmed. Ok, so first she was “whelmed” and THEN overwhelmed.

This University of Colorado grad is a real artsy fartsy sciency kind of person with active interests in film, music, dancing, astronomy, and medicine. She spent 16 years debugging software, writing and editing company newsletters, as well as training new users for a company that makes business-solution software.

She’s been a life-long lover of all things in the science fiction realm and eating good food, preferably daily. This means she looks at what the company CEO ingests and also shakes her head…..daily.

As one of National Aircheck’s New Business Directors, she finds new clients on social media and even once underneath an office couch cushion along with enough change to fly to San Diego…from San Diego.