Leah Keese

Research Director & Platform Administrator

Favorite Album: “Escape” - Journey

Leah Keese


Leah never set out to be an 80s rock star but, inspired by Journey, and her need to escape, she is slowly getting there. Maybe, before old age and ennui set in, she will achieve the dream to have a 2 ft rainbow mohawk. Adorned with fiery red hair and clothes as bright as Journey’s album cover, she navigates the (sadly) not very often seedy underbelly of research. As her keys fly across the keyboard (when her cats aren’t using it as a bed), she can find anything, anywhere.


Leah started off on her Journey in the navy during Desert Storm, a strange place to escape to be sure. During that time, she learned (or at least the Navy really tried) discipline and work ethic. After the Navy, still looking to escape, she tried several different paths including managing a collection agency and learning skip tracing. After about 10 years, she went back into the military just after 9/11 but this time to the Army. During that time, she earned 2 degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice both with an emphasis in abnormal behavior. She still marvels at how handy that has become nowadays. Though her chief ambition is to one day control the entire Internet, Leah busies herself in the meantime running National Aircheck’s platform, planning and producing spreadsheets in the blink of an eye, and finding anything and everything. Originally from D.C. she relocated to Texas in 2012 because she thought it would be nicer to look at longhorns while stuck in traffic.