Beth Jensen Phillips

Director New Business Development

Favorite Album: "Blue" - Joni Mitchell


They say you are either a Beatles or a Rolling Stones fan. But it was the folk music scene that really grabbed Beth in high school.

While her friends were into Motown or hard rock, she was at home learning harmony by singing along with Judy Collins, Peter, Paul & Mary, Chad & Jeremy, and Joni Mitchell while looking at photos of Woodstock.

Singing in choirs and chorales were her thing throughout middle, high school and college. Her moment in the sun came when she had a solo at the Westside Village Nursing Center, which of course is second only to Carnegie Hall as the pinnacle to which all singers aspire.

Sidetracking her from a life on the Broadway stage was a career first in legal publishing and later as a global project manager at various pharmaceutical companies.

A University of Michigan grad, Beth has traveled the globe, parachuting, zip lining and sampling cuisine that most of us never even get the chance to drool over.
She finally got a small piece of Woodstock when her dad—at age 89—got a wonderful lady friend who was first cousins with Max Yasgur. (You youngsters can look that up).

As one of two New Business Directors, Beth makes connections on social media and talks about National Aircheck’s unique products and services. She also talks a lot about Reuben sandwiches.