Ashley Bihun

Account Coordinator

Favorite Album: “Self-Titled” - Sugar Ray

Ashley Bihun


This album came out in 2001 when Ashley was only 4 years old, she heard her first song from the album when she was 5 and she has been hooked ever since. Ashley was so obsessed with the band (and Mark McGrath) that her mother finally bought her the CD. That CD still to this day holds a spot in her car’s CD holder despite all the scratches from years of playing. When Ashley was 17, more than a decade later, she finally got to see the band (and more importantly, Mark McGrath) live! It was truly a night she’d never forget.


Ashley didn’t choose the radio life….the radio life chose her!! Throughout Ashley’s whole life she was constantly listening to music, singing and dancing. She loves music and in every car ride, her parents always had the radio on. When she was in high school some of her friends joined Radio Club, which Ashley only joined because they did. Little did she know that this was going to lead her to the rest of her life. She attended Lewis University and was first enrolled in the university’s Chemistry program. In an attempt to branch out and make new friends she decided to sign up for the intro to radio class because she had done radio in high school and thought it would be an easy ‘A’. After her first day of class she went straight to her advisor and changed her major to Broadcast Communications and the rest is history. 


She now works as the Supervising Producer for WGN Radio in Chicago, and moonlights as an Account Coordinator with National Aircheck. She’s the same old Sugar Ray fan at heart.