Tena Hermance

VP of Sales & Marketing

Favorite Album: “The Search for Everything” - John Mayer

Tena Hermance


Tena wasn’t a huge John Mayer fan until this album.  To her, it is eloquent, thoughtful and beautifully composed.  As a result, she saw John live the next summer (her 428th concert). Though it sealed her attraction to him as an artist, she was very disappointed he didn’t play her favorite song (which has never received one minute of airplay, in his defense).


Her love of radio and music was inspired at a young age. One of her first memories is of her mother teaching her to keep the beat to music with a baby food jar filled with tiny beads, while listening to Motown from a local station.  More than asking to play with dolls, she’d ask her mother if she could dance (meaning, turn on the radio). Though back then she aspired to be a dance choreographer, it turns out that her creative focus was better suited to marketing.  Several decades on the agency side allowed her the pleasure of working with some of the largest brands in the world, like General Motors, Coca-Cola and the US Navy.  She frequently used media monitoring (by National Aircheck, of course) to gauge what kind of buzz the brands were getting, as well as tracking live DJ reads, ad/sponsorship verifications and quantifying/qualifying earned media inspired by campaigns.


Today, you can count on Tena to be there when you need her and deliver her high level of passion to aiding you in your “Search for Everything.”