Specialty Show Search

You can’t possibly listen to them all. But we can. We can also tell you EACH and EVERY time they are talked about and in what context with our “Specialty Show Search” by public relations practice.

We talked to thousands of public relations professionals like yourself, and we listened to your wants, needs and suggestions. Using proprietary, cutting edge phonetic search technology, we can now search weekend radio specialty shows by practice specialty.

Those specialties currently include, but are not limited to:

  • Automotive Shows
  • Beauty and Fashion Shows
  • Book Shows
  • Entertainment Shows
  • Financial Shows
  • Food and Beverage Shows
  • Gardening Shows
  • Health, Medical and Fitness Shows
  • Home Repair Shows
  • Outdoors Shows
  • Pet Shows
  • Real Estate Shows
  • Technology Shows
  • Travel Shows

Sign up for our Specialty Show Search package and you’ll receive a comprehensive report every Monday morning that includes the station, city, state, date and time of airing of each hit along with a text sample. And, because we review each report, you will only get the hits pertaining to exactly what you are looking for.

Fully edited clips of any segment from the report – including audience impressions — can be ordered for the reduced rate of $105 per clip. (Regularly $150)

Why pay to monitor for the entire month when you only need to search on weekends?