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Affiliate Compliance

Affiliate compliance reports provide broadcast log level detail of any network affiliate station anywhere in the country. Verify that your affiliates are complying with contractual obligations or investigate concerns they are not.

Radio or TV

Local inserts covering or stepping on network ads and promos?
Squeezing, skipping or clipping credits?
Displaying local logos over network programming?
Not airing network programming as scheduled?

Direct off air recordings with detailed logging and analysis give you the answers. We can record and analyze virtually any station in the U.S.

Infomercial, Syndicated Programming Compliance

Are the stations you purchased time on complying with your placement schedule? Did they even air the program? Are they running the correct 800 number and web address? Are they taking more local time than allowed?

National Aircheck can verify or investigate virtually any station or cable system in the country.

Research Anything

With our national reach and extensive recording capabilities, National Aircheck can research broadcast activity for virtually any radio station, TV station, cable system or network in the U.S.

Program Clocks
Program-to-Advertising Totals and Ratios
Promo to Spot Ratios
Top Advertisers and Categories
Local Talent Airchecks
Network Affiliate and Usage

What do you want to know?  We’ll find out.

Prices for all the above are project specific.

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