Who We Are

We’ve been trying to figure out who we are for some time now. In fact we have befuddled therapists for many years. Some of us just continue to fuddle.

Robb Wexler, President/CEO
As a 40+ year media and media research/analysis veteran Robb has worked in radio, radio research, media research, social media research, public relations, advertising and political media consulting and for 30 years has been the President and CEO of National Aircheck.

This means he has spent most of his life working for minimum wage and knows the owners of most Motel 6’s coast to coast.

Robb has the unique ability to identify the title and artist of virtually any song from 1955 to 1985 after hearing a second or two. He wins a lot of free drinks for us at bars.

Robb is also the co-owner of “The Wexler Group” a political media consultancy unique in their ability to provide raw data as well as work with both sides of the political aisle and provide expertise on media and social media related issues.

He enjoys fishing, volleyball, writing, ribs, Springsteen, Chicago pizza and anything that has to do with Hawaii other than poi.

(NOTE: This is normally where we’re supposed to talk about Robb’s educational background and his degrees. Yeah, he has those but we are also privy to how he actually spent all those years in college. We are not impressed….although we are amused).

Joe Taylor, VP Operations
Joe is an expert in process improvement and product development. He was a founding member and president of America’s first media monitoring cooperative (NDS), served as Data Director for VMS, the nation’s dominant broadcast monitoring firm, and was Vice President of News Monitoring for Medialink Worldwide. He has worked as a journalist for newspaper, radio, and television and as a congressional press secretary. Joel also works as a consultant to media monitoring firms worldwide with active clients in the Caribbean, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Joe Gabriele, Production Director
Joe has been with the company for 18 years and is responsible for the overseeing all daily production operations and ongoing projects. Joe is an expert at using cutting edge phonetic search software to find information for National Aircheck clients. He has also figured out to plug 15 power strips into each other without starting the office on fire.

Tena Hermance, Sales/Marketing Director
With extensive experience in advertising and strategic branding while working at Doner Advertising and Campbell Ewald, Tena brings a wealth of experience to the National Aircheck cubicles. (Now, if we only had cubicles).  Tena also has shoe knowledge that would make Carrie Bradshaw blush. Almost rivaling the CEO’s knowledge of music, she will be a fine addition to trivia nights. Oh, and she’s really good and stuff at sales and marketing.

Leah Keese –  Research Director/Platforms Supervisor
Mother, army veteran, college grad, photographer. Leah also has firefighting training which will be invaluable to clients who need to um….put out fires. She has taken the reins of the new National Aircheck search platforms and will be supervising and training all the plaform’s new staff. Additionally she also has a Bachelor of Science in the Psychology of Abnormal Behavior which she will find incredibly beneficial working at National Aircheck.

Mike Giovia, Senior Marketing Consultant
Mike is a senior manager and proven leader with more than 30 years of executive experience in strategic sales, business development, alliance management, product and brand marketing, public relations and software product development.

Mike’s past positions include Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations for VMS (Video Monitoring Services of America), Precision IR and Velocity Technology Solutions. At VMS, at the time the nation’s largest integrated media intelligence company, Mike was responsible for all advertising, marketing, public relations, and internal communications activities for the company. Previous to that, he was Vice President, Sales in the company’s professional services, news and advertising divisions..

At National Aircheck, Mike will oversee the growth of the client base, increasing revenues through expansion, leadership and management of the sales and marketing functions. He will also work closely with National Aircheck’s President and CEO Robb Wexler to develop partnerships, affiliations and other new business ventures.

We will work with Mike to create a funnier profile by the end of the year.

Chris Scardina – IT
Nobody assembles things faster than Chris. He put together National Aircheck’s new cloud based phonetic search hardware and software faster than a Taylor Swift romance. He also explains tech stuff so well that our eyes don’t glaze over… too often.

Linda Waltz – Business Manager/Account Services
Linda is the person who emails you in a pleasant tone to tell you that your payment is 90 days overdue. She is the same person who will send an army to your home if you are 120 days late. Linda’s background is in cost estimating and project management. She is also a Senior Games two time gold medalist in volleyball.

Rafe Sampson – Asst. Production Director
Rafe has been producing audio since birth…quite loud audio according to sources present at the time. He has been creating actual audio productions for over three decades and has been a full-time voiceover artisan for the past 15 years He has clients on six continents and convinced us to give a discount to clients from Antarctica. Rafe has been with National Aircheck for 10 years.

Sylvia Monge – Data Entry/Spanish and English Transcripts/Account Services
National Aircheck’s newest employee is our fastest typist at over 700 words per minute. Ok, we’re exaggerating…..but only slightly.

Karen Joseph, Susan Klein, Potoula Rakis-Lambroulis – Please donate to the cancer charity of your choice. We miss them.